TDS-SERIES | Switching Power Amplifier


The TDS series of LINGTE amplifiers are professionally designed for both installed sound application and portable PA. The TDS power amplifier

series is designed with class TD technology topology and advanced switching power supply to exceed expectations. The TDS series power amplifiers

include 2 models with outputs ranging from 1500W (stereo, 8 ohms) to 1800W (stereo, 8 ohms). High power, very portable and affordable, that is our

TDS series. LINGTE amplifiers are built with multiple circuit protections such as thermal, short, over-under and soft start-up protection allowing you

to deal with any harsh performances. TDS series amplifier is recommended for mid - large sized audio applications.

Functional features

  • Adopt a novel TD topology to achieve high quality and low energy consumption.

  • Advanced switching power supply technology to adapt to more strict power supply usage.

  • Original imported Transistors and additional high quality materials.

  • Lingte Multi-perfect protection circuit allows you to deal with every harsh performance.