E-SERIES | Switching Power Amplifier


The E series of LINGTE amplifiers are professionally designed for both installed sound application and portable PA. The E series power amplifiers

include 3 models with outputs ranging from 800W (stereo, 8 ohms) to 1200W (stereo, 8 ohms). All models are built with advanced switching power

technology in H class technology. In return provides portability at a weight of only 16kg, while providing heavy-duty performance capabilities. Safe

and reliable performance is guaranteed with LINGTE amplifiers as they are built with multiple circuit protections such as thermal, short, over-under

and soft start-up protection. E series amplifier is recommended for mid - large sized audio applications.

Functional features

Optimized TD class topology amplification structure, power input with input signal adjusted at all times to achieve low energy consumption and high quality.

The introduction of ultra-high power to write the real switching power supply, effectively reduce weight and reduce volume.

The use of high quality component materials far higher than industry standards, the working state more stable.