U909 | Wireless Microphone

U909 UHF microphone

With wireless inductive charging function, you can charge your hand directly.

24bit / 48Khz high-performance audio dedicated AD and D / a processing is adopted.

With automatic frequency search function (the system automatically searches for frequency points without interference points).

It has automatic mute and impact elimination circuit to avoid the impact and noise of switching on and off.

The effective distance of wireless transmission is 30-50m.

The hand microphone adopts lithium battery circuit design, with overcharge and over discharge protection.

The transmitter and receiver have the function of electricity and voltage detection, which can be detected synchronously in real time.

Extremely high pickup sensitivity and excellent sound quality make your speech or singing easy and comfortable.

The device can carry out webcast, karaoke, etc. by connecting the mobile phone.

Suitable for webcast, car karaoke, square entertainment, family karaoke, indoor speech, teacher teaching, wedding hosting, commercial karaoke.

Channel2Channel, 200 frequency
Oscillation modeDSP chip frequency locking
Frequency stability±10ppm
Video power10d Bm
Battery Specification3.7v/14650sz lithium battery
working time6 ~ 8 hours
Charging time2 ~ 3 hours