PX-SERIES | Toroidal Amplifier


More power assured --PX Series professional audio power amplifier is a high output Class H series, The use of imported Toshiba high-power amplifier tube and high-quality components ensures good quality, Provides excellent performance Integrated into the unique technology to break the low power limit combined with the spirit of the "high-quality, high stability high-performance"three high production concept. Lingte PX series able to run stably in ohms, provides the achievement praised in the audio.

Functional features

1/ Select and strictly match components, all for the realization of perfect sound quality.
2/ Low temperature rise of large power pure copper ring transformers, providing a steady stream of power.
3/ Original import Toshiba power amplification on the tube.
4/ Multi-perfect protection circuit, so that you are relieved to deal with every harsh performance.
5/ Intelligent temperature control and cooling system, keep the best working condition at all times.