NX-SERIES | Toroidal Amplifier


Excellent selection of superior quality--NX series Professional power amplifier. Lingte NX series is an overall choice for Class AB audio usage. Buit to output 500-700W 8ohm with high quality materials such strictly selected original imported Toshiba Power transistors Strict selection of high-quality components and rigorous testing makes our NX series to be a great audio choice The use of excellent sound quality AB topology at lower power enables your performance to bring out the most dominant voice even when in operation at ohms.

Functional features

1/ Select and strictly match components, all for the realization of perfect sound quality.
2/ Pure copper transformers, providing a steady stream of power.
3/ Carefully selected original imported Toshiba, to provide best sound.
4/ Multi-perfect protection circuit allows you to deal with every harsh performance.
5/ Intelligent temperature control and cooling system, keep the best working condition at all times.