M-SERIES | Toroidal Amplifier


For the ultimate sounding voice--M Series Audio power amplifier. The best sound quality recognized by the pure aB class will magnify the streets Lingte has always been on the quality of using high end components such as the use of strictly selected imported Toshiba Power amplification transistors, high-quality pure copper ring transformers, combined with High-precision rectifier filter circuit. As well as isolating the power to the signal electromagnetic interference to achieve more accurate ow distortion high-power outout giving you the enjoyment of the ultimate sounding voice.

Functional features

1/ Refers to the pure class Ab topological amplification structure, the sound quality is impeccable.
2/ Rich multiple output adjustment, easy to adjust the more suitable output mode.
3/ Simple yet professional wiring greatly provides a new and efficient design.
4/ Multiple circuit protection measures to make every show more.
5/ Intelligent Cooling system allows the power amplifier to maintain efficiency and reliable state at all times.