GOLD-SERIES | Toroidal Amplifier


Tenacious and outstanding, Lingte Gold Professional Power amplifier series is designed for 4 channel output of 4x1100W while operated at 8ohm stereo. Gold series has efficient accessibility from parallel to bridge mode, while providing a powerful output power to meet a variety of applications in all situations Our Lingte over protection characteristics specifically design to aim to improve the high heating rate of the four-channel circuitry. The use of special low-temperature design pure cooper ring toroidal transformer, customized designed heat aluminum and customized fans provides our Gold series to work in all hot environments

Functional features

1/ Class H topology structure has the industry extremel high evaluation of excellent sound quality.
2/ Low temperature, high output trasformer.
3/ Original Import Toshiba Power transistors.
4/ Multi-perfect Lingte protection circuit allows to deal with every harsh performance.
5/ 4X1600W ohm per channel.


Color Design Customization

Color customization will match colors according to customer needs to fully meet the personalized needs of products.