FOX-SERIES | Toroidal Amplifier


The FOX series class TDD amplifier is designed for heavy duty live shows and fixed installation sound systems. 

Built with four channel output, it'll provide convenience of fewer rack spaces while able to power multiple speakers. 

FOX series frontal appearance is built with an amazing clean aluminum glass cosmetic design. 

Lingte power amplifier materials are carefully selected such as Toshiba tube transistors and pure copper transformers which in return will provide you long stable performance and the best sound quality. 

Built with mutiple circuit protections such as thermal, short and soft startup protection.

Recommended for mid - large sized audio applications.

Functional features

1/ Class TDD amplification technology provides the best audio quality.
2/ 4-channel high-output power amplifier.
3/ Powerful, high current cooper ring toroidial transformer provides a stable stream of power.
4/ Recommended audio applications such as Live shows,Bars and Restaurants.
5/ Backside built with a special high & low filter to maximise sound performance.


Color Design Customization

Color customization will match colors according to customer needs to fully meet the personalized needs of products.