2017 Shanghai ProLight+Sound

On the early morning of the 9th of October, Lingte electronic Sales and Engineer team heads out early from our factory in Enping to avoid the traffic and any possible delays for the flight. all went smoothly as we arrived on time, without any delay. We flew about 4 hours to Shanghai ..

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2017 The Canton Fair April

Lingte Electronic attends for the 121th Session of the Biannual Canton fair. A very exciting 4 day venture as we were visited by many of our old and new partners! Canton fair is held biannually in Guangzhou every spring and fall..

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2017 Prolight + Sound Guangzhou

Into its 15th edition, Lingte Electronic wows the Guangzhou prolight + sound exhibiton hall with a brand new exhibiton deisgn to showcase a strong line-up of our models known worldwide. A few highlighted models are the DJ mid power class AB 2U amplifiers, and the 3U P series with LCD and high ouput amplifiers

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2017 The Namm Show

To start off the year, Lingte Electronic Team heads over to the annual Namm Show Exhibiton held in Anaheim, California. We arrive days earlier to check out the Famous Universal Studios during setup days, beautiful tourist attraction. For the rest of the 3 days, we were able to greet our long time buyers from mainly North america and south america

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2016 Canton Fair in Guangzhou

Lingte Electronic attends for the 120th Session of the Biannual Canton fair. The total area of the exhibition is 1.18 million square meters, the total number of booths 60,250, domestic and overseas exhibitors 24,553.

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2016 Musikmesse Prolight + Sound

On the 36th session of Musikmesse Prolight + Sound, Lingte Electronic makes it's first appearance in Frankfurt Germany. First ever Musikmesse was established in 1995 and it annually continues to attract vistiors and exhibitors from the globe.

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2016 Guangzhou Prolight + Sound

Lingte Electronic attends the 14th session of Guangzhou Light and Sound Show as scheduled. This is the first show equipment industry event in 2016 in China, so attracted friends from all over the country to participate...

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2016 The Namm Show

Lingte Electronic Technology Co.ltd attends the annual Namm Show in Anaheim, California. The NAMM Show (American International musical instruments, stage lighting and sound technology exhibition) is one of the world's largest music products exhibition.

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2015 Canton Fair Guangzhou

118th Canton fair held in Guangzhou International Expo Centre, with Shanghai fair happening at the same time, we seperated into 2 teams in order to formally greet our visitors and partners around the globe.

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Lingte Electronic attends the annual Shanghai Prolight + Sound Shanghai to end the year. Prolight + Sound Shanghai 2016 will open up the recording and production market for the pro audio and lighting industry...

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