2017 Shanghai ProLight+Sound

2017 Shanghai ProLight+Sound

On the early morning of the 9th of October, Lingte electronic Sales and Engineer team heads out early at 9AM from our factory in Enping to avoid the traffic and any possible delays for the flight. All went smoothly as we arrived on time to the airport without any delays. We flew about 4 hours to Shanghai, reaching our destination during the late evening. Exhausted, we take two taxis straight to our hotel. After dropping off our baggage, we go for dinner and call it a night to prepare for tomorrow preparation for the annual Shanghai Prolight+ Sound.

The morning of the 10th, our team takes the transit to head over to the International Expo Centre. The subway transit system is incredibly huge and complex, luckily for us the international expo was short 2 stops away. We arrive earlier than most, receive our passes and headed inwards to our booth. We followed through to make sure all renovations were spot on. Everything went as planned. With almost half a day left, we head out towards to Shanghai's famous Nanjing road to explore the scenery and shopping centres. We ended our nights with high spirits, and ready ourselves for the show!

 Shanghai's Nanjing Road

From the 11th to 14th, every morning we would enjoy breakfast at the hotel or enjoy the small local bakerys outside our hotel. After filling ourselves, we would get on the free shuttle bus from our hotel that takes us directly to the international expo centre. Thus afterwards we showed up everyday, ready for you and ready to rock. Bringing our new innovative products and modern showcases to our old and new potential partners! 


Models Showcased for this show | Feel free to contact any of our sales staff for additonal information

Thank you all for visiting us at this year's 2017 Shanghai Prolight+Sound. 
Feel free to contact any of our sales staff for additional information.

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