2017 Prolight + Sound Guangzhou

2017 Prolight + Sound Guangzhou

Booth No. | D28
Attendance Date | 2017, February 22 - 25th

Into its 15th edition, Lingte Electronic wows the Guangzhou prolight + sound exhibiton hall with a brand new exhibiton deisgn to showcase a strong line-up of our models known worldwide. A few highlighted models are the  DJ mid power class AB 2U amplifiers, and the 3U P series with LCD and high ouput amplifiers. A wonderful show with great reception. Thank you!

Guangzhou Prolight+Sound brings us together with many other Pro audio fields such as Lighting engineering company, Sound engineering company, Sound manufacturer, Franchiser/agent, TV/Radio station, Lighting manufacturer, Club/bar, Broadcasting station/culture station/amusement park, Video engineering company, Stage equipment engineering company, Performing company, Theater/stadium, Hotel/supermarket/store, Accessory of lighting, Stage equipment manufacturer, Municipal engineering/estate, Concert hall, Governmental department, Video company, Orchestra/troupe, Industrial association, Media, College/institute and Accessory of sound

P series high power of 3000W RMS at 2ohm stereo power

DJ series mid power of 750W RMS at 4ohm stereo power

Address: NO.18region D Civilian and foreign capital industry area,Enping City, Guangdong province, China.

Phone: +86-750-7811277
Fax: +86-750-7813277
Email: cn-lingte@hotmail.com
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