2015 Canton Fair Guangzhou

2015 Canton Fair Guangzhou

Attendance Date | 2015, October 15-19th
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118th Canton fair held in Guangzhou International Expo Centre, with Shanghai fair happening at the same time, we seperated into 2 teams in order to formally greet our visitors and partners around the globe. 

Hisense is typical of the many Chinese companies exhibiting at Canton Fair who are now focused on developing a new competitive edge in the international arena through enhanced innovation, branding, quality, service and environmental awareness.   

The Canton Fair's International Pavilion also proved a big success, attracting over 90,000 visits by November 3. Boasting over 600 companies from 40 countries, the International Pavilion saw its number and diversity of exhibitors significantly up on previous events. There were many famous international brands in attendance, while leading Chinese companies such as Suning and Vanguard sourced products here. As Lingte will continue to do so.

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