CQ-SERIES sound quality impeccable

CQ-SERIES sound quality impeccable

CQ Backside

CQ-SERIES Power Amplifier

The CQ series of professional audio power amplifiers developed for a 1U small space use a very mature and pure AB topology amplification structure. Built with rigorous and a fine selection of high-quality pure copper transformers and materials to provide a powerful pure sounding Class AB amplifier. With no interference, and low noise fans, able to efficiently provide the best experience for all indoor small space applications.

Mature Quality AB amplification structure, sound quality impeccable
Optimized power filter technology to make the voice clearer
Strong load current supply capability, so that the low-frequency more crisp and powerful
High quality component material making to ensure stable operation for a long time
Multi-perfect Lingte protection features

POWER Specifications

MODEL CQ100 CQ150 CQ200
8Ω Stereo 2 x 100W 2 x 150W 2 x 200W
4Ω Stereo 2 x 160W* 2 x 240W* 2 x 320W*
8Ω Bridge 208W 315W 415W
Output Circuitry Class AB
Lingte Protection System Features DC protection
Short circuit protection
Intelligent overheat management
Overheat protection
Input overload protection
Output overload protection
Soft startup protection
Clip Limiter
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20KHz
Input Sensitivity 0.8V
Input Impedance Balance 20KΩ
Unbalance 10KΩ
S/N Ratio ≥105dB
THD+N <0.05%@8Ω 1/8 Po
Slew Ratio 20V/u S
Rack Space 2U
Dimensions(W×H×D) 575×450×150mm
Net Weight 10KG 11KG 12KG
Gross Weight 13KG 14KG 15KG

*Music status test

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