PA-SERIES Only for extreme sound

PA-SERIES Only for extreme sound

PA1.3 Backside

PA-SERIES Power Amplifier

The purest class AB topology magnifies the streets, the use of strictly selected imported Toshiba power amplifier combined with high-precision rectifier filter circuit marks PA1.3 as one of the choice for high power and clear sound. PA1.3 is able to perform in any harsh environment, from medium to big performance audio applications. Built to stabilize in 2ohms, PA1.3 Is able to deliver 2600W per channel in 2ohm operation stably. 

Refers to the pure class AB topological amplification structure, the sound quality is impeccable
Advanced floating circuit structure, effectively blocking the electromagnetic interference to the sound quality signal
Simple wiring mode greatly saves the learning cost, and each link is conveniently completed
Multiple circuit protection measures to guarantee every show
Lingte Intelligent Cooling system allows the power amplifier to maintain a stable and reliable state at all times

POWER Specifications

8Ω Stereo 2 x 1100W 2 x 1300W
4Ω Stereo 2 x 1750W 2 x 2010W
2Ω Stereo 2 x 2450W* 2 x 2710W*
8Ω Bridge 3500W 3990W
4Ω Bridge 4850W* 5200W*
Output Circuitry Class AB
Lingte Protection System Features DC protection
Short circuit protection
Intelligent overheat management
Overheat protection
Input overload protection
Output overload protection
Soft startup protection
Clip Limiter
Frequency Response 10Hz-30KHz/+0/-1dB
Input Sensitivity 0.8V
Input Impedance Balance 20KΩ
Unbalance 10KΩ
Crosstalk ≥65dB rated power 8Ω 1KHz
S/N Ratio ≥100dB ≥103dB
Damping Factor ≥400
THD+N <0.05%@8Ω 1/8 Po
Slew Ratio 23V/u S
Rack Space 3U
Dimensions(W×H×D) 655×580×200mm
Net Weight 39.5KG 40KG
Gross Weight 42.5KG 43KG

*Music status test

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