SQ-SERIES Excellent selection of superior quality

SQ-SERIES Excellent selection of superior quality

SQ2500 Backside

SQ-SERIES Power Amplifier

Lingte SQ series is an overall choice for all audio usage. Built to output 200-1100W 8ohm, with high quality materials such strictly selected original imported Toshiba Power transistors. Strict selection of high-quality components and rigorous testing makes our SQ series to be a great audio choice. The use of excellent sound quality AB topology at lower power enables your performance to bring out the most dominant voice. At the same time also for high-power demand to provide a Class H excellent strong sound quality for larger audio applications. 

Select and strictly match components, all for the realization of perfect sound quality.
Pure copper transformers, providing a steady stream of power.
Carefully selected original imported Toshiba, to provide best sound.
Multi-perfect protection circuit allows you to deal with every harsh performance.
Intelligent temperature control and cooling system, keep the best working condition at all times.

POWER Specifications

MODEL SQ2500 SQ3500 SQ5500 SQ7500 SQ8000 SQ10000 SQ11000
8Ω Stereo 2x200W 2x300W 2x500W 2x700W 2x800W 2x1000W 2x1100W
4Ω Stereo 2x330W 2x495W 2x825W 2x1150W 2x1320W 2x1650W 2x1730W
2Ω Stereo 2x450W* 2x790W* 2x1220W* 2x1720W* 2x1850W* 2x2450W* 2x2590W*
8Ω Bridge 650W 980W 1650W 2250W 2610W 3300W 3460W
4Ω Bridge 880W* 1280W* 1780W* 3000W* 3500W* 4300W* 4980W*
Output Circuitry Class AB Class H
Lingte Protection System Features DC protection
Short circuit protection
Intelligent overheat management
Overheat protection
Input overload protection
Output overload protection
Soft startup protection
Clip Limiter
Frequency Response 5--30K±1dB
Input Sensitivity 0.8V/1.6V
Input Impedance Balance 20KΩ
Unbalance 10KΩ
Crosstalk ≥65dB rated power 8Ω 1KHz
S/N Ratio ≥94dB ≥97dB ≥98dB ≥100dB ≥102dB ≥104dB ≥105dB
Damping Factor ≥400
THD+N <0.05%@ 1K 1/8 Po
Slew Ratio 21V/u S 22V/u S 25V/u S
Rack Space 2U
Dimensions(W×H×D) 575×570×158mm
Net Weight 17KG 18KG 19KG 22KG 23KG 26KG
Gross Weight 20KG 21KG 22KG 25KG 26KG 29KG

*Music status test

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